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3 Mistakes most parents make when starting music lessons

Sep 26, 2018

Want to Avoid the 3 Big Mistakes Most Parents Make with Lessons?



Mistake One: Age

It is super important that the child is the right age to start music lessons. For us, in our experience 11 years of being in business, we think it is best to wait until the child is 7 years old or in first grade. When the child is younger than this age, it tends to be very tough for them. This is because it takes longer to see results. Many times, they blame themselves for spending six months to a year on the same piece of music while their older brother or sister is going at a much faster pace just because of age. Our advice is to wait until they are seven years old or they are in first grade.

Mistake Two: Instrument

A lot of parents want to choose the instrument for the child. We do not believe that this is a good strategy because we want them to be motivated in what they are doing. In a school like ours, students are able to see other students going into the other rooms, such as the drum...

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