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June 13th - June 25th


Level Up

Boot Camp

at The Hit

On this page, we share the most important details of our exclusive Boot Camp at The Hit Music Studio. Created specifically with the needs of our young aspiring musicians in mind, this 2-week intensive summer camp will cover essential elements of Songwriting, Music Production, Ear Training, Sight Singing, and Music Theory.



Top Instructors

Our talented instructors Including our founder, Mr. Diego, Mr. Juan, and Mr. Felipe will take the lead sharing their knowledge.

With more than three decades of combined teaching expertise, our A-Team instructors are guaranteed to make this 11- day learning experience successful and fun.


Even more locations to choose from!

In order to provide even more opportunities for our students to level up this summer, the Boot Camp will take place at both of our studios in Pembroke Pines and West Davie. 



Take your musicianship to the next level

While we constantly improve our programs and custom video content normally included in your tuition, our Boot Camp is a unique opportunity for our young aspiring musicians to step up their skills in ways they can't do at any other time of year!

Some of the exclusive areas that will be covered are Songwriting, Music Theory, Sight-Singing, Ear Training, and Music Production.

Breakout Sessions

So many sessions! Starting at 9 am and ending at 2 pm, our Boot Camp will be divided into breakout sessions for all participants. With three daily sessions and other hands-on activities, participants will receive three hours of music instruction per day plus an additional hour after lunch of hands-on practice time. Check out a sample of the daily schedule in our FAQ section that the registered students will be attending plus some of the additional topics covered by the special sessions.

Closing Concert Saturday, June 25th

There is nothing better to conclude the hard work and the learning experience than having our students share some of their progress with their family and friends.

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