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Do you need a "real" piano to get started in lessons?

Sep 02, 2021

We often have customers ask us whether they should buy a “real” piano for their child who is about to begin lessons. We know that making the commitment to a big purchase like a piano can be quite intimidating. We’d like to help you answer that question!

What is a real piano?

The first aspect we’ll have to get straight is what a “real” piano is. When people think of a real piano, they’re probably thinking about those huge, beautiful instruments made mostly of wood that don’t require electricity to create music. These pianos, which are known as acoustic pianos, can easily cost thousands of dollars and take up a ton of space in your house. That thought alone can turn parents off to the idea of enrolling their children in lessons!

But there is good news in store: you don’t NEED to spend thousands to let your children experience the joy of learning to play piano. Even though they are wonderful and have many distinct features, the...

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