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Welcome to our signup page for Core  at The Hit. Our students have shown a great interest  in taking their musicianship to the next level and our new Core program is the answer to truly expand their abilities at a very affordable rate and manageable time commitment.  Please watch the video below for a message from Mr. Diego Carvajal, our Director.

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Would you like your child to have a strong foundation on Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight singing? 

Would you like your child to take their musicianship to the next level?

Most parents are usually not aware that proper music training goes beyond receiving weekly music instruction on your instrument. Areas like music theory, sigh singing, ear training and practice techniques are usually covered by most conservatories in separate weekly lessons to develop those skills properly in conjunction with the instrument practices received by students.

At the Hit we believe in giving our students and their families the option to pursue music at a deeper level especially for those students that see it  if as more than a hobby or past time.

For only $20 a month students enrolled in Core  will receive (2) 30 minute virtual lessons to further and complete their training as young musicians.

The first of the two sessions will be a livestream style instruction class covering basic concepts and ideas related to the curriculum in the program.

The second session will be a fully interactive Zoom practice in which members will be asked to apply those concepts to the real world.

Check out the link below for more information about this new program at The Hit.

30 Minute Livestream Instruction Session

In this session, included with the Core program, we will cover aspects such as music theory, sight singing, ear training and practice techniques.

This sessions will take place the second Monday of the month at 7:15 pm.  Students will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Livestream and to watch them during the replay. 

30 minute Interactive Zoom Session

In this session, core  members will be working on interactive pdf practices guided by our instructors for each of the areas covered in the class.

This session will take place the last Monday of every month at 7:15 pm on Zoom. 

Key Benefits of this Course

Since 2007, we have known that some of our most dedicated students see music as much more than a hobby or past time. With that goal in mind we felt the need to create a program that works specifically on supplying them with classes to cover some of the building blocks of music like music theory, sight singing and ear training.

Our goal with this program is not only to  offer the value of dedicated  coaching and practices in those subjects but to do so in the comfort of the students' home. Additionally students will have the ability to watch the livestream portion on replay if they missed the session or wish to revisit the material covered after the class.  Since our Zoom sessions are interactive, they will not be recorded in order to protect the students' privacy. 

Core at The Hit is an low-cost addition to your child's lessons with substantial opportunities for growth and musical development.

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